Oil and Gas

Global Remote services a growing global client base in the oil and gas upstream and downstream sectors. Avoiding operational downtime, in both the onshore and offshore environments continues to be of critical importance in the oil and gas sector, irrespective of the upstream or downstream location. With this in mind, Global Remote has tailored its range of industrial rope access services to meet with clients’ ongoing demand for excellence in safety, quality, and productivity. Establishing safe and inexpensive access to areas previously considered inaccessible or costly with traditional systems, multi-skilled Global Remote technicians can effectively carry out any number of required operations. Our capabilities and experience include:

Inspection and Survey

  • Underwater inspections in lieu of dry docking (UWILD)
  • NDT inspections (UT, MT, PT, ECI, TOFD, ACFM, LRUT, GUL)
  • Derrick inspections
  • Dropped object surveys (DROPS)
  • Restricted access and confined space entry
  • Lifting gears surveys and inspections
  • Vessel condition and class surveys (ABS & BV)
  • Shutdown and turnaround inspection services
  • Remote imaging (CCTV)
  • Difficult access plant and piping inspections
  • Restricted access and confined space entry
  • Shipyard and offloading facilities
  • Flare tip and flare line inspections
  • Stack and chimney inspections

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Derrick maintenance, repair, and assembly
  • Flare tip to splash zone maintenance and repair
  • Heli deck remedial repairs
  • Cathodic protection maintenance and repair
  • Steel renewals and bolt tensioning
  • Blasting
  • Marine standard coating and sealant application
  • Fabrication works
  • Insulation works
  • Electrical installations
  • Mechanical and engineering support
  • Demolishing and decommissioning
  • Piping composite repair systems