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Tank NDT Inspection

Global Remote provides expert Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of tanks of varying shape and size, used in a range of different industries. We work with companies that use tanks containing oil and gas, biomass and waste, fuel, food and grain, brewery products, general liquids and many others. The purpose of an NDT is to highlight any deterioration or flaws in the structure of the tank that could cause leakage or complete failure. Factors that can contribute to the failure of a storage tank are the contents of the container, the weather or the presence of nearby industrial processes. These can all contribute to leakages that may negatively affect the environment, people and profits.

The NDT inspection will find areas of corrosion or excessive wear by testing the thickness of the shell material. It will also identify cracks, laminations, voids and any other structural deformities including bulges or indentations. Other problems that can be identified by an NDT inspection are blocked drains, blocked vents and defective access arrangements such as ladders or stairways, which are potential health and safety hazards. The benefits of NDT are that the contents of the tank won’t be disturbed and they allow you to detect and rectify defects before they become a major problem that could cause great expense. It is recommended that NDT is built-in to your regular inspection and maintenance program to ensure that your storage tanks remain safe and secure. Our NDT specialists are trained and certified to use highly-calibrated equipment to make sure you get an accurate picture of the tank’s condition. We use a range of advanced methods and techniques, including 3D laser scanning and floor-scans to create visual maps showing the condition of the floor-plates and shell. All of our NDT techniques and instruments comply with international standards.

We specialize in providing NDT to:

  • Storage facilities – for bulk liquids or solids such as animal feed
  • Distribution and logistics depots
  • Fuel terminals
  • Refineries – oil or gas
  • Power plants
  • Biomass and waste

We can provide the following NDT methods:

  • Visual inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Surface defect detection – using Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT), Eddy Current Testing or Magnetic Particle Inspection (ET or MT)
  • Volumetric defect detection – using radiography or ultrasonic testing


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