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Advanced Ultrasonic Testing

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) uses a multi-channel digital ultrasonic system with motor driven scanner to perform on-stream inspection on wide range of equipments. In AUT, normal Pulse-Echo is used while performing Corrosion Mapping, hydrogen cracking and other related cracking, ToFD is used for heavy wall reactors, vessels and piping and Phased Array for complex geometries (nozzles, branch connections, flange faces etc…)

Exploiting the multi-channel arrangement, two or more techniques can be combined in one scan suiting the client requirement which increases overall output and efficiency of the system.


  • Optimizes the inspection spend.
  • Ability to document and present visually the defect size.
  • High repeatability allows continuous monitoring of critical flaw growth.
  • Collect and image data in real-time and to store this data in electronic format.
  • Minimizes costly internal entry, inspection performed while in service.
  • “On-line” inspection promotes efficient planning.
  • Comply regulatory and industry standard and specifications.
  • Assists RBI, FFS and RLA programs.


  • In-service scanning of vessels, tank walls, towers, drums, steel plate, in-line inspection validations, pipelines and numerous other applications.
  • Gives maximum production and efficiency with multi-channel digital meter, motorized scanning system and multiple transducers.
  • Single pulse echo transducers and/or multiple angle pulse echo transducer configurations enable location and identification of nearly any type of damage mechanism such as corrosion-erosion, hydrogen induced cracking, stepwise cracking, stress corrosion cracking, laminations etc.


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