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Ammonia Tank Inspection

Periodically, refrigerated anhydrous liquid ammonia storage tanks must be inspected internally for integrity checks. This is a complex task which requires an appropriate level of competence and experience of ammonia storage tank design and operations. Some operators have only one single ammonia tank without spare capacity. This creates an additional pressure in terms of project managing the shutdown, decommissioning and inspection of the tank as well as reducing the total downtime since the production impact is highly costly.

Global Remote understands these challenges very well and we develop a comprehensive decommissioning inspection and repair plan. We offer a complete package from Decom, Inspect, Repair & Commission combined with advance NDT Inspection and using Rope Access techniques (cost effective alternative to traditional access methods, such as scaffolding or mobile elevated working platform) during tank inspection we minimise the downtime and reduce the out of production time for anhydrous liquid ammonia storage tanks.

Our work methodology includes:

  • Detailed job risk assessment
  • Decommissioning and inspection HAZOP study
  • Planning activities based on existing site condition
  • List of equipment and materials required
  • Inspection Procedure
    • Tank building location and specification
    • Emptying the tank
    • Key process parameters
    • Tank valve isolation for heating purpose
    • Inerting of system and purging with nitrogen
    • Gas sampling
    • Manway opening sequence
    • Danger of asphyxiant gas
    • Purging the tank with air
    • Readiness for confined entry
  • Non Destructive Inspection (VT, PT, MT, MFL, HT, RT etc)
  • Tank Floor & Foundation Inspection
  • Tank Repairs
  • Commissioning


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