Phased Array Inspection

Phased array technology an ultrasonic method with the capability of setting beam parameters such as angle, focal distance, and focal point size through computer controlled excitation. The computers allows individual excitation of multi element probe and allows Inspection parts with variable-angle beams. This maximizes detection of defects regardless of its orientation, while optimizing signal-to- noise ratio.

Phased array is a typical volumetric inspection method which has wide range of applications including weld inspection, crack detection and corrosion monitoring. Phased Array approach for inspection of welds has been accepted by ASME for in lieu of radiography, ASME CC 181 and CC 2235-9.


  • Excellent repeatability
  • Full stored data for records
  • High Quality Inspections
  • Rapid Inspection & Results
  • No disruption to work or operation of equipment
  • No radiation or any other safety issues
  • Considering overall, much cheaper and faster than RT.


  • Phased Array Corrosion Mapping
  • Phased Array Flange Inspection
  • Phased Array on Pipeline
  • Phased Array on small bore piping