Tank Calibration and Survey

Tank calibration and survey capabilities remain a critical requirement for the energy and marine sectors, in both onshore and offshore environments. Reliable quantity measurement is critical in worldwide trading and can only be assured by accurate and regular calibration.

The storage of hazardous materials poses risks to both the local community and the environment. Leakages from storage tanks such as oil, gas or chemicals can be influenced by external surface weather, or internal temperature variations, and can prove problematic and costly to ameliorate. Periodic inspection, surveys and calibration will help isolate potential issues, eliminating the likelihood of such occurrences. Global Remote provides technical calibration and surveys to ensure a storage tank’s compliance with the required international and local standards, codes and client specifications.

Global Remote inspection and survey services include:

• Tank calibration and volumetric analysis
• Tank shell settlement evaluation
• Shell settlement graph and analysis
• Shell out of roundness survey
• Bottom plate settlement evaluation
• Tank tilt survey
• Shell radial displacement from tank base
• Floor plate layout
• Piping and instrumentation diagram
• Piping volumetric analysis

Global Remote can survey and calibrate:

• Cylindrical or rectangular vertical tanks
• Above-ground or underground vertical tanks
• Fixed, floating, dome or cone roof vertical tanks
• Cylindrical or rectangular horizontal tanks
• LPG and LNG tanks, bullets or spherical tanks
• Single-wall or double-wall ship tanks

Why choose Global Remote?

Accurate volume measurements are mandatory for sound contractual relationships in the global trading of chemicals, petroleum products and liquefied gases. Reliable quantity measurement is critical in worldwide trading and can only be assured by accurate and regular calibration. Subsequently all calibration must be undertaken as part of a highly regulated and traceable process.

Global Remote follows all relevant local and international standards including API MPMS & ISO 7507, along with the stipulated standards, codes and requirements of each individual country. Global Remote is licensed by the Directorate of Legal Metrology (Weights and Measures Dept.) in India, and operates in approved states following the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), as recognised by the Customs, Excise and Central government CPWD department.

As well as using traditional calibration methods such as water filling for tanks, we operate at the forefront of new developments in calibration technology. Using the latest methods for tank calibration, our engineers and technicians are equipped with state of the art measuring devices such as the Laser Distance Technology, which enables the calibration of ship and shore tanks without the need for scaffolding, allowing additional costs and interruption to service to be kept to a minimum.

Global Remote delivers results:

With state of the art technology, coupled with our experienced and qualified engineers, Global Remote offers a comprehensive service utilising the most suitable and accurate methodologies to establish the true dimensions and capacities of any storage tank. Our reporting systems ensure core accuracy, determining reliable volume measurement, delivering capacity tables, 3D mapping, and certificates of accuracy that you can trust.

Global Remote is continually evolving to remain at the forefront of specialist calibration and survey technologies and their applications.