Wind Turbine Maintenance

Global Remote’s expertise in the application of industrial rope access systems to wind industry infrastructure allows the delivery of a range of wind turbine services. Avoiding operational downtime, continues to be of critical importance in the wind sector. With this in mind, Global Remote has tailored its range of industrial rope access services to meet with a client’s ongoing demand for excellence in safety, quality, and productivity.
Global Remote’s access solutions ensure that operational downtime in this demanding environment is minimised or avoided completely. Our services are typically non-intrusive, allowing inspection, maintenance, and repair programs (IMR) to be coordinated concurrently, resulting in minimal related interference to the structure and operations. Establishing safe and inexpensive access to areas previously considered inaccessible or costly with traditional systems, multi-skilled Global Remote technicians can effectively carry out any number of required operations.

Blade and Tower Services

  • Construction assembly support
  • Inspection and installation of lightning protection systems
  • Blade protection and aerodynamic systems (leading edge tape, stall strips, vortex generators etc.)
  • Internal and external inspection and cleaning
  • Laminate and coating repair
  • Torque testing and replacement of landing bolts
  • Installation, maintenance and inspection of fall arrest systems